Another day, another round of workouts knocked out. Today I did the following:

30 minutes of Wallyball (volleyball inside a racquetball court with slightly modified rules) – we lost 1 game to 2, and it was a pretty decent workout. We did a set of 10 push-ups or 10 crunches every 5 points. All told, that was 60 push-ups and 60 crunches.

Bench Press (free weights): 195lbs, 3 sets of 8 reps each (bumping to 200 next week)

28 minutes on the elliptical – same as on Monday. Alternating 4 minute stretches at 5 and 10 degree inclines, all at level 7 resistance. I covered 2.35 miles, and the calorie burn was estimated at 410.

I have some dodgeball going on tomorrow, so no typical workout, and then we are off on Friday. Next workout session and ensuing update will be next Monday. I’ll make sure to weigh myself then as well. Perhaps I should start doing waist measurements as well, since my weight is not likely to go down as fast while I am still adding muscle from all the weightlifting.