So, The Elder Scrolls Online. I just picked it up on Sunday, but it was late so I figured I would have enough time to get it installed and perhaps make a character before having to hit the sack. I admit a good level of excitement as I opened the case when I sat down in front of my computer to install it. I was (pleasantly) surprised to find 4 DVDs worth of content simply to get the game on my computer in the first place. I knew it was going to take a bit of time to install; I hadn’t banked on 4 DVDs worth of data.

At any rate, some 30-45 minutes later I was done with the DVDs and had an account created. Then came the patches. Wasn’t this game released last Friday? Maybe these were just mislabeled, or they didn’t make the installer distinguish between patches and initially-downloaded portions of the install process. Either way, it was frustrating. Over an hour passed and the game was still downloading and installing patches. Bed time for me, without even getting to create a character (insert image of me pouting like my 6-year old daughter here).

Regardless, my anticipation and excitement about getting to play the game has been enhanced by the ordeal (yes, to a gamer this qualifies as an ordeal).

You win this round, Bethesda and ZeniMax – but I’ll be back. Oh yes, I *will* be back. Your endless patches won’t stop me from throwing my hard earned paychecks at you with the manic glee of a tween at a boy band concert. My wife might even have to endure an audible, prolonged squee. That is, as long as it finishes installing some time today.

Here’s to hoping, at least.