So I get home and hop onto Elder Scrolls Online (henceforth referred to simply as ESO), and I create my character – a sexy elf sorceress (because let’s face it, the female characters almost always look better in games) – and I start playing. An hour into playing, and the server goes down for maintenance. Supposedly 3-4 hours downtime, so an hour was all I got. *cry* Oh well, at least I got an hour, which took me through the intro and into a quest or two.

The intro is a bit odd, but the overall idea is still along the lines of all the other Elder Scrolls I have played. I did have enough time to get through the… tutorial, if that’s what it really was, and started doing some quests. I have to say, the game is gorgeous, and the voice acting is pretty good. They weren’t kidding when they said there were a crapton of NPCs.

I like that it has a similar feel to the non MMO Elder Scrolls games, in terms of control. I am not, so far, terribly impressed with the magic system. I should point out however that as a meagre level 5 sorceress, I have certainly not seen enough of it to make an informed judgment. I’ll keep working away at it and see how that goes.

I guess I am just used to spellcasters in other MMOs – you smack your target with a slow-to-cast, high damage spell, lock it down, and then pepper it with smaller spells until it either dies or breaks free and runs you down. It just seems weird to me to be casting spells at something that is right in front of you smacking you as you are trying to zap it with your staff. Still, I do like the overall mechanics – you can dodge, block, etc., so that’s cool.

At any rate, I have only completed a couple quests so far, so I am not that far into the game. I’ll add more observations as I continue to find time to play. So far, it seems to be a pretty good game.