I’ve had a good bit more experience with the game, and so far I continue to enjoy it. I got my sorceress up to level 11 last night (I have a job and a family, so I don’t spend every waking hour on it in a pool of my own sweat and surrounded by caffeinated drinks), and she is starting to be pretty decent, IMHO.

Crafting is ok, I guess – I don’t like that you cannot produce an item without having a customization ingredient to determine if it is Breton, Orcish, Dunmer, Aldermi, etc. in style. Why not have a generic style that you can produce regardless, and include those as a bonus? It would make far more sense. Heck, make those items slightly better in some way – like Aldmeri armor is more valuable, or Orcish armor provides more protection, and so on.

Word interaction is where the game takes a huge hit over the non-MMO console games. They like to litter the world with weapons and armor, but you can’t take any of it. Half the stuff you can’t pick up, but you can totally walk into anyone’s house (heck, a monarch’s bedroom even) and look their cupboards for recipes and read their diaries and no one cares. I suppose it’s a balance thing, but still… *twitch*

The graphics are beautiful – far crisper and better than the console games had. Elves no longer look like twisted troll-demons from the mind of Guillermo del Toro – they actually look very attractive. I am running the game at a high-setting, which my crossfired middle-range cards handle with no problems. I don’t think I’ll try the ultra-high settings; my computer likes to try and overheat and I’d prefer not to encourage it (I already underclocked the CPU to about 80-90%, which seems to have solved most of that problem).

So yeah, I think I’ll be playing this for a good long while – long enough for them to make some money off me at any rate.

Long live the Aldmeri Dominion, and all that.