I haven’t been surprised by the hate that is spewed across the CNN Belief Blog for a long time. I wish I could respond directly to the ignorant, hateful posts I see on there, but for whatever reason it just keeps telling me that I need to log in to reply. Funny, since they use WordPress and… well, here I am, using WordPress and I still can’t reply. Oh well, at least I can rant on here.

So anyway… today the big post of the day was about Islam. It is titled “Hey Boko Haram, pick up a Quran and bring back our girls” and written by Mr. Arsalan Iftikhar, and is a passionate, if somewhat misguided response to those subhuman animals who like to kidnap young girls and think they are mandated by Allah to sell them into de facto sexual slavery. Great “people”, right? I’m not generally a big fan of real world violence, but I think purging the planet of these… immoral cowards (I really hesitate to admit that they are part of the human race, and my anger prevents me from coming up with anything more creative to describe them) would be a genuinely good thing. No trials, no reeducation, just, “Are you a member of Boko Haram? Yes? Ok, into the incinerator with you.”

At any rate, Mr. Iftikhar expresses how offended he is by Boko Haram’s use of his religion to justify their abhorrent acts, and he is right to do so. Most followers of Islam have no interest in causing harm to others and merely wish to practice their faith in peace and without being judged for it. It’s always the few bad apples spoiling the bunch. I do take exception to his claim that “the rest of the world’s Muslim population will continue to denounce extremists like Boko Haram” because this is basically a load of crap. There are, as of the middle of last year, at least 1.6 bilion Muslims in the world. If even half of them were denouncing such acts as Mr. Iftikhar suggests, we would hear about it. The fact is, that while I agree completely that the vast majority of the Muslim world finds such acts abhorrent, they are not as vocal as they should be about their feelings on the matter. It would serve the Muslim world well to show the rest of the world that not only do they find such acts to be abominable, but that they also won’t just stand idly by and pretend it isn’t happening.

Don’t get me wrong – I do not think that the lack of vocal condemnation is acceptance or complicity, but it does bring to mind a quote attributed to several great men: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Getting back to my main point however, the hypocrisy I read in the responses left me feeling physically ill. One portion of a comment pissed me off in particular with its ignorance and hypocrisy: “…NO such hate was taught in the bible as it was in the Koran… Christians who murder were not True christians just used religion as a back bone…. or a justification.” True christians (sic), huh? This same ignorant sack of hate won’t accept the argument about Muslims who murder not being True Muslims and just using the religion as a “back bone”. He points out claimed passages in the Qur’an directing the killing of certain groups of people, as if those rules should still apply in the modern age.

What about all those horrible passages in the Christian Bible that do the same, but are recognized as calling for immortal and hateful acts rejected by “True christians”? Why is it acceptable for you to ignore parts of your religion because you find them distatesful and abhorrent, but not ok for another religion to do the same with their holy books? I’m sorry this is so difficult for this subhuman piece of trash to understand, but if you define a True Muslim as one who follows *all” of the Qur’an, then you must define a True Christian as one who follows the entirety of the Bible.

Individuals like this “person”, and I use the term without any implication that I am comfortable sharing a species with him, are ignorant. Ignorance to me, is by its very nature willful, so I do not feel the need to add the descriptor to the term. Ignorance is the single greatest evil in the world, and the source of almost all hatred, vitriol, pain, and suffering throughout all human history.

We define humanity as both the condition of being human and being kind (merciful, understanding, accepting, sympathetic) to others, human and animal alike. If these are one and the same, then to be human you must also be humane, you must also be kind, merciful, understanding, etc. Individuals like the aforementioned judgmental ignoramous, and individuals in groups such as Boko Haram, are by definition inhuman. We should not recognize them as being members of our species.

Homo sapiens is outdated in my opinion. There are two species of man left on this planet – Homo humanis, “The human man”, and Homo odibilis, “The hateful man”. Which one do you want to be?