It seems that life is intent on proving to me that I am not allowed to own anything that functions correctly. My car has had some issues, but I recently got it back, only for it to decide that it wasn’t done having issues. I need to reseat the exhaust I put on it already, as it is vibrating against part of the undercarriage – but that isn’t all that uncommon, from what I’ve been reading. What gets me is that my AC compressor bearing picked this moment to fail and start making an awful squealing noise. I could replace the bearing itself, but that requires purchasing some tools that I will only need for this one repair, and spending a good bit more time dismantling the top of the AC compressor. I think I’m more comfortable spending a bit extra and just replacing the entire compressor instead. Maybe I should install a toilet in the back of my car so I can just flush money directly from now on.

To compound things, my computer has been having issues of late – things slowing to a crawl without any reason and so on. Turns out it was my hard drive, which picked last night to fail. Now I need to buy a new one and reinstall, and hope that it’s just a boot issue with the drive so I haven’t lost all of my data.

So, yeah. Thanks a lot life, I appreciate it.