Well, after much excitement, I have to say that my final view of ESO is one of disappointment. The game has nice graphics, lots of great dialogue with decent – good voice acting, some cool gameplay concepts, and so on. In short, it is a game with much potential.

Potential however is useless when playability does not exist. I cannot get the game to load properly now. I can log in, and then it freezes with my character staring at whatever they were last staring at. I have reinstalled my graphics drivers, cooled my system down, completely reinstalled ESO itself – a monumental task for those who have done it – all to no avail.

At this point, I am done. They will not be receiving any more money from me at this time. Perhaps some point in the future the issues will be fixed, but after having sent numerous crash errors in with no response I am not holding out hope. I am honestly at a loss as to how anyone is able to log in and how they can continue charging people who cannot even play the game due to system crashes.

Yes, you read that right – system crashes. The game craps out so hard it brings my entire system down. Meh. I guess it’s time to look for a new addiction. Shame that one only lasted a month and a half or so. I am not sure if I got my money’s worth.