I weighed in at 222lbs today – I keep forgetting to do so on Monday morning, but hey, forward progress, yay!

On Monday at my unit picnic I played volleyball for about 45-60 minutes. The sand was hot, so barefoot didn’t last long and my feet hurt for about 12 hours after. I also got sunburned – my new nickname might be lobster arms. To be expected for a troglodyte like me.

On Tuesday I lifted and didn’t do cardio. My bench was a pyramid this time, from the bar to 265 and back down:

Bar (45 lbs) – 8 reps
135 lbs – 7 reps
165 lbs – 6 reps
185 lbs – 5 reps
205 lbs – 4 reps
225 lbs – 3 reps
245 lbs – 2 reps
265 lbs – 1 rep

…and then did 245 again for 2, 225 for 3, etc. down to the bar. I was actually a little tired after this, so it’s better than just the climbing side of a pyramid. That, and my shoulder doesn’t hurt. W00t!

I also did 3 sets of 35 reps each of calf raises and toe raises, as well as 3 sets of 12 fly curls at 150 lbs and some incline crunches – 3 sets of 55, 50, and 45 reps respectively.

Wednesday I played an hour of wallyball with some folks from my flight. It was 3 on 2, so we gave the side with 2 a single bounce off the floor to balance the game. It did the trick, and we both scored back and forth pretty evenly. Plus fewer people means more running around, which equates to more calories burned, better cardio, etc.

I did notice that my left ankle (which I had surgery on last year) was sore, and feels a bit uncomfortable today. I might have to get that looked at.